Desert Psychological / dr. stephanie holland ltd

Our Mission

Through comprehensive strength-based therapeutic services, our clients develop personal responsibility  helping them to perform more efficiently and effectively in academic, professional, and social settings. Desert Psychological offers services to children, families and at-risk populations from various backgrounds and with a wide range of challenges, where sensitivity to cultural and individual differences is highly regarded.  

​Desert Psychological's Doctoral training program cultivates ethically and culturally competent professionals, from varying disciplines, who become capable of meeting and exceeding the standards of their specific licensing board(s).

Our Core Values   

  • To value a multi-disciplinary approach
  • To inspire adaptability and independence 
  • To actively participate in improving the lives of those in our community

Our Vision

Our core values serve as the foundation for the quality of services we provide for all of our clients, especially those in at-risk populations.


About us

Dr. Stephanie Holland, Ltd., aka Desert Psychological, is a private, for-profit company.  We began as a small private practice in 1997 offering quality mental health services and specializing in children and adolescents.  Through the efforts of dedicated employees, we grew into the practice we are today - providing comprehensive mental health services including assessments, psychological testing, and psychotherapy.

Along the way we became a sought-after training site for professionals in the mental health field at various levels of education, licensure and specialties.   

Desert Psychological collaborates with community partners including the Department of Child and Family Services, the Family Court system, the penal system, and various federal agencies, all of which strive to serve at-risk children, adults, and families in the greater Las Vegas community.  

We are proud of the quality of our professional staff, many of whom performed their internships here, became licensed doctors, and have stayed, leading not only to the expansion of the practice, but also growing our expertise in areas of testing, treatment, neuropsychology and forensics.

​You can contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.